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Roger Johansson

Roger has been associated with Bladins for 10 years, having first had his children at BISM before changing them to Grundskola. He has been involved with the PA and has most recently represented Grundskola in the NomCom.

A bit about me

I am a Management Executive with a broad experience within retail, real estate and service & hospitality industries. I have been part of the team that established IKEA in Russia.


I have a strong commercial drive based on customer centricity and focus on goals and results. Through my whole career I have tried to improve business results through critical thinking, complex problem solving, and creativity.

I have an MBA from Kingston University London

What do you hope to do in the coming year to ensure that the foundation and its 4 schools thrive. 

Bladins is one of the three oldest companies in Malmö. This proud tradition is something to cherish and maintain. 

I believe it is important to use the strength of the brand and being a non-profit Foundation, as we prepare the schools for the future and develop the foundation’s strategy of academic excellence.

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