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To make the AGM as efficient and informative as possible, please follow the rules below.

  • The meeting attendees are kindly asked to make sure that their VIDEO is OFF and to keep their microphones MUTED unless they are asked to speak. Participants will not use the camera.

  • Any questions can be typed in to the chat function and the moderator will bundle and read out the questions whenever the timing is appropriate.

  • We kindly ask you not to record the session for the purpose of GDPR. The meeting minutes will be sent out in due course.

  • The invitation is personal. Please do not share the meeting ID with others.

  • Only people who have signed up for the meeting have voting rights.


How to join a Zoom meeting:

  • The easiest way to join a Zoom meeting is by using their App (free of charge) on your computer or phone. You can also join from the browser. Your browser will most likely prompt you to download the app, but there is also an option to “Join from your browser”. You may have to look a bit to find it (sometimes in small letters).

  • If you have never used Zoom before, please download and test it before the meeting.Test here:

  • To join the meeting, you may be asked for the meeting number and password. The meeting number and password can be found in the invitation together with the web link. If you log in from the app it will ask for the meeting number and password.

  • You will also be asked to write your name - please write your first and last name, so that other participants know who you are. You may need to check the box that you are not a robot.

  • You will then be asked if you “Join Audio by computer” or by “Phone all”. (If you are on the computer, use the Join Audio by computer”. Then allow zoom to use your microphone.

  • When you join, MUTE your microphone. Whenever you are not speaking, it is good manners to mute your microphone. -

  • On the bottom of your screen you will see your microphone, your video camera and maybe three little dots. There you can click to see:

- Participants - where you can see who else has joined the meeting

- Chat - here you can ask questions

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