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The Bladins Foundation is unique in that it provides the parents with a lot more influence than at an ordinary school. It is almost certain that the founders created the Bladins Foundation with a specific goal in mind. The parents association was created and the statutes set in such a way, that the parent community is closely intermeshed with the decision makers, thus creating a closely knit and collaborative community where the interests of all stakeholders are considered. Parents of the Bladins Foundation are encouraged to lend their innumerable talents to three different volunteer positions, each of them with their unique tasks, but all of them working together towards a common goal. 

The Bladins Foundation Board

The Bladins Foundation Board is the highest decision-maker within the foundation. The elected members of the board must consist of individuals with certain required skill sets (school, business, law, finance) as well as 2 parent representatives from the Bladins International School and the Bladins Grundskola. The foundation board sets the strategic direction for the foundation and is responsible for the foundation's finances. The board also hires or fires the School Director. The Parents of the foundation elect the board members each year at the Parent's Association's Annual General Meeting. 

Nominations Committee

The members of the Nomination Committee (NomCom) have a very important role within the foundation in that they are mandated to vet and then put forward their suggested candidates for the foundation board.

The NomCom is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Bladins Parents Association (PA). The NomCom shall consist of four members, two representatives from the Swedish school and two representatives from the International school. 

Parents Association

The PA is organised through a Board. The Board consists of all the class representatives elected by each class. The board meets regularly (5 times a year) and coordinates all PA-relevant work such as the liaison between staff, parents, and class representatives. The PA Board elects one Chair, one Secretary, and 4 Vice Chairs evenly from the Swedish and International Schools as a steering committee (Presidium). The committee chairs the PA meetings and coordinates with various focus groups. The PA presidium members specific to each School also meet the School Principal each month to discuss school-specific issues.

Expression of Interest

This form serves to express your interest in one (or all) of the volunteer positions available in the Bladins Foundation. You are also free to nominate an individual, but please make sure you have cleared this with the individual you wish to nominate.

Please indicate which role you would like to express your interest for. You may express your interest for more than one; however, you can only be elected into one position

Thank you for expressing your interest. Depending on your interest, someone from the NomCom or PA presidium will get in touch with you soon.

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