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Welcome Magazine

The Bladins community is something to be proud of - it's welcoming, caring, and engaged. On top of that, we have a huge range of incredible talent. We want to use this to welcome and assist new parents. 

The Idea 

A glossy, but digital magazine that makes the transition to Sweden much easier for new parents and brings them close to our amazing community. Think

  • Parents' own stories and experiences.

  • Information on health, well-being, community, housing, and work.

  • Secret tips on where to eat, drink, celebrate, take the kids and enjoy nature and the seasons.

  • Using the parent talent pool - articles on Swedish culture, fashion advice and recipes. 

We Need 

Your help, that's plain and simple. We can't make this happen on our own. And that would be incredible boring as well. We want colour and variety to show the cultural diversity and extend of talent that exists at our school. 

So if you have very little spare time, fill out the form with the 3 questions below. If you have an incredible talent you'd like to share to make this magazine come to life, then send us an email ASAP on

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