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Jean Sebastien Guy

Jean Sebastien has 2 children at BISM and has been in Sweden since 2018. 

A bit about me

My background, my passion, my inspiration always did come from people, to create the condition, support and see them grow while thriving for a healthy company culture. As Chief people and culture  officer, HR director and professional coach, I had a 30 years carrier in retail corporate worldwide, being executive board member, managing director for organisations in 20 countries. 


 Bringing my contribution to the Bladins foundation board I would help : 

- Setting a vision and strategy forwards for the schools to claim the space it deserves in Malmö and region to boost attractiveness and effectiveness. 

- Promoting an inclusive and safe school culture and communication between staff, students and parents as hygiene factor to thrive overtime 

- Connecting the societal and business reality to the board ambitions

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