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Bertrand Lerebourg

Bertrand is an external board member. However, one of his children attended Bladins Grundskola from 2015-2020.  At that time, he was even active on the Parents' Association Presidium.

A bit about me

I am 52-year-old, born and raised in France. I have lived almost half of my life in Sweden, mainly in Malmö. I am married to a Swede, and we have 2 teenagers together.

I am currently Production manager at Nordic Sugar AB.

What I can bring to the board is my long experience and passion in leading ancient organisations into a new chapter: defining and implementing new strategy, improving quality while significantly growing, working with core values involving stakeholders, etc.  

I strongly believe that Malmö needs schools of excellence with an international / multicultural dimension, and it would be a pleasure to help Bladins become it again.

Finally, I also hope to be able to contribute to food improvement.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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