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Yvonne Brogaard Nelson

Yvonne is an external board member. She has been on the board for 4 years and works as an International Coordinator for the Department of Education in Lund Municipality

A bit about me

My contribution to the foundation is my long working experience in educational issues. Since I have been working both a teacher and school leader in pre-school, compulsory school and upper secondary school as well as overseeing reports prior to the start of the International school in Lund, I know that I have contributed to the growth of Bladins. The Board and I have continuously worked with the development of the governance of the foundation. I have also experience from work at the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.

Please tell us in a few words what you hope to do in the coming year to ensure that the foundation and its 4 schools thrive

The board will continue to develop the strategy and governance of the foundation to strengthen the attractiveness of the school. The foundation has several issues such as the coming new upper secondary school as well as further development issues for grundskolan, BISM, and the Pre-school. I hope that the coming board will have the same good cooperation as the former.

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