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Nicola Sarac

Nicola is an external board member and has been on the foundation board for one year. Nicola was the principal at Borgar Skolan for 13 years. During this time Borgar Skolan expanded its IB program from one class to the full Diploma Program

A bit about me

When we asked Nicola what he was most passionate about as a school leader he mentioned 2 things:

  • Open and inviting communication

  • Security - a safe environment where children can feel free and secure. He personally looked after this in his role and did not delegate. He said it was important for him to 'show up' for this.

What are you proud of from your first year on the Bladins foundation board?

1. Sale and lease back of the school house property

2. Development of a policy for how to manage the funds from said sale

3. Initial study regarding the relocation of Bladins Gymnasium


What do you hope to do in the coming year to ensure that the foundation and its 4 schools thrive.

1. Resolve the housing question regarding BISM

2. Strengthening BISM through changes in PYP and MYP

3. Questions of well-being and orderliness at Bladins

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