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Important Information

There’s a lot going on behind the curtain at Bladins Parents Association. Find some of the most common questions our members receive below. If something is still unclear, or your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


How can I become part of the association?

All parents and guardians of children enrolled at any of the 4 Bladins schools are automatically members of the parents association. In fact, it is a prerequisite for enrolment that you become a member of the association. Membership is free and  lasts for as long as you have a child enrolled at Bladins. Being part of the Bladins community therefore comes with a special responsibility to be an active participant in the amazing community that sets Bladins apart from other schools. 

How can I become a class representative?

Class representatives or PA board members are elected every year at the beginning of the school year. Please tell your class teacher if you are interested in nominating. At other times of the year please don't hesitate to contact the PA presidium as there may be open positions. You are also welcome to join any of the focus groups that are operating throughout the year. 

When and where are meetings held?

There are currently five board meetings always held in the third week of the months of September, November, January, March, and May. Our Annual General Meeting takes place in the third week of October every year. All parents and guardians are welcome at these meetings. Meetings locations alternate between the International School and the Swedish Primary School. See our meeting schedule and events here

I don't want to be a class representative but can I still volunteer?

All volunteers are welcome and we need lots of them throughout the year. To cook, bake, organise our events, assist at the events or provide unique expertise for various school issues we might be trying to address. Please contact the PA presidium or sign up to one of the focus groups if you simply want to help out a little. 

I have an issue/problem I wish to raise. How do I do that?

If your issue is in relation to your child's individual school journey, please always contact the school in the first instance and escalate to the vice principal or principal is your issue remains unresolved. Whilst we provide advocacy, we cannot take on every individual family's challenges; rather, we take care of issues that affect a large amount of students (e.g. curriculum changes, food issues, problems with the facilities) We are, however, always happy to lend an ear or provide advice, if possible. If you think your issue is larger, then please contact your class representative who will take the issue to the entire PA board or you can contact the PA directly.

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