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Martina Smedberg

Martina is an external board member who comes with extraordinary experience in diplomacy and communications. 

A bit about me

My name is Martina Smedberg. In my previous job as a diplomat for the Swedish foreign service, I worked and lived in numerous countries, mostly in Europe and Africa. Of my over two decades in the diplomatic service, half of the time was spent on media and communication.

After having swopped the foreign service for the private sector, continuing in media and communication, I am now consolidating my main interest and knowledge in research and teaching. Focusing on strategic communication, crisis communication and handling of disinformation, I work at the newly established Psychological Defence Research Institute at Lund University. 

My working life has fostered my great interest for politics. By starting and ending my working career “at school”, I bring to the board a deep interest in educational matters, a strong sense for solid communication, combined with an extensive experience from stakeholder management.

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