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Robert Quaak

Robert is  father of two students at Bladins International School. He lives in Vellinge with his family, a dog and 16 chickens.  

A bit about me

I am the CEO of a company based in Lund and the founder of an aid organisation. I have worked in senior leadership positions in East Asia (7 years) and in the US (20 years) and have sat on several boards in the past.  

I have an education from the University of Lund and from Foster School of Business, University of Washington. I also have a degree in Mandarin Chinese.

What do you hope to do in the coming year to ensure that the foundation and its 4 schools thrive?  

I would like to work towards having an active board who works with the school leadership and parent organisation to prioritise and start addressing the important issues within the Bladins Foundation. There is much talent on the board that can be utilised in the best interest of the schools. 

Nothing is more important than the safety and education of our children and this needs to be a priority.  

It is also important to have transparency, accountability and clear communication within the foundation, and to keep a strong focus on the financials to ensure further development and success. 

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