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Lotta Kårlind

Lotta is an external board member who comes with extraordinary experience in the school sector. Lotta has also worked with many of the schools in the Bladins Foundation. 

A bit about me

I have worked with education and schooling my whole working life. In schools as a teacher and school leader for almost 20 years. On the national level thereafter for 20 years with evaluation, development and inspection in The National Agency for Education, the national training for principals, and at the Swedish Schools Inspectorate. I’ve been in charge of inspections in 30 municipalities and many private schools, e.g., Kunskapsskolan, meaning assessments of schools, managements and boards. I was some years also a leader for a regional development center (RUC) at Malmö University. The last five years I’ve done different investigations and development missions for managements/municipalities and Bladins Foundation in my own company. I believe this long experience of different perspectives of education is my asset.

What do you hope to do in the coming year to ensure that the foundation and its 4 schools thrive.

I hope to give the board a solid school and education perspective. Also, what kind of information the board must get from the schools to be able to detect “the red numbers of quality” and their successful achievements. To get a smooth chain – top-down and bottom-up. To improve quality, safety and learning environments – and challenges on all levels. To increase networking, cooperation, learning and trust – internal and external. The Bladins foundation, management and schools must be a strong voice in the region.

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